Project Facilitation • Compliance Management • Content Crafting

Organizational Background

SUN has gone through many transformations to become what it is today. The company began in 1989 as a structure for service contracts and to provide an outlet for original artwork.  Over the years, it grew to an outdoor workshop experience first offered in 1999.   SUN now encompasses a broad range of business, communications, art, and environmental education support services and employs qualified ancillary providers whenever needed to accommodate contract requests.

SUN's staff has extensive experience working with clients in community service, education
(early childhood through post-secondary and museums), and consumer facing organizations for

o    Advocacy and Provision of Services for Seniors, Youth, and Disabled Individuals
o    Capital Improvements and General Construction
o    Domestic Violence Prevention
o    Economic Development
o    Education and the Arts
o    Engineering and Scientific Research
o    Fraud Prevention

o    Hand Textile and Other Arts Production

o    Native American Education and Language Revitalization
o    Specialty Retail and Restaurants

Marya Roddis founded SUN in October 1989. Marya  works in the fields of
Communication and Education
and is directly involved in all client projects, maintaining close oversight on any projects assigned to other personnel. She is skilled at project work for audiences of many different public and private sector organizations and agencies.

Since 1979, she has served  with a wide variety of non-profit and for-profit organizations working with people of all ages and backgrounds and providing administrative and field research services
. Marya served for eight years as a formal Artist-in-Residence for museums and school districts, where she provided workshops to help students of all cognitive abilities develop essential work and life skills through nature study and art. Her interactive professional and school workshops are provided for private and corporate groups, museums, community art centers, and school districts.

Marya currently provides technical assistance and other support for organizations throughout the Western US (Oregon, New Mexico, Colorado, and Texas). Her work is greatly valued by clients as it reflects her unique capacity to seamlessly combine both the linear, business orientation and artistic, representational viewpoints. 

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