Project Facilitation • Compliance Management • Content Crafting

Professional Writing & Business Development Services

On & Off-Site Services:       


o    Copy Writing, Editing, and Markup 

o    Grant Prospect Research and Proposals

o    Grant Management, Program Assessment and Audit Support

o    Other Fund Bookkeeping and Compliance Reporting

o    Business Plans and Related Documents

o    Research and Technical Compilation

o    Articles, Press Releases, and Newsletters

o    Promotional Materials and Website Content

These services are indispensable to business owners who have a strong background in the technical aspects of their individual craft, but who may not have the expertise or the time to create effective business plans, proposals, websites, and other tools used for client and funder communications.  Well prepared business documents open the doors to your project’s success by demonstrating to prospective clients, lenders,
grantors, and collaborators that you have created a stable, competently prepared foundation.

SUN can help you refine your ideas to help you gain greater prosperity as you pursue your dreams.

A  proposal can be prepared for your project.
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