Project Facilitation • Compliance Management • Content Crafting


o    Individual & Group Instruction

o    Teacher Professional Development

o    Business Planning and Development

o    Life Skills and Stress Resilience

Customized workshops can be arranged
throughout the Western U.S. on an ad hoc basis. 

                       "When someone asks what there is to do, light the candle in their hand."  Rumi

Business Professional Development Series – Programs are offered both on and off-site to help professional staff learn and apply techniques for constructing positive, interactive relationships in business management and resource development, management, and reporting for non-profits and other community organizations. 

Teacher Professional Development Seminars and Guided Arts In Class Instruction Open to All K-12 Teachers and Community Education Groups. These unique workshops provide hands-on experience, guidelines, and resources for standards-based instruction for teachers of all disciplines and skill levels to integrate art into core subject matter. This serves students of all cognitive styles by helping them build their skill levels and trust in their involvement in all aspects of their education.  In addition, two-hour to full school year programs are available in which Marya provides Artist-in-Residence services in classrooms. 
Nature Work – These workshops generally focus on active ways to acquire essential life skills and build stress resilience. Programs are offered for individuals and groups who wish to gain the skills they need to feel safe and comfortable recreating or working in natural settings. Participants can include professionals just entering field work as well as individuals who experience nature deprivation and wish to find ways to reconnect with their environment.

Earth Day Quilt

Note: All workshop fees include materials, supplies, and handbooks.  Payment must be received 20 days prior to the workshop to hold your place. 
Please call or email for workshop fees and proposals for unique workshops such as professional development and individual workshops. 
All prices are subject to state and local taxes.  All payments are non-refundable without written notice 10 days prior to first workshop date. 
Deposits are refunded if minimum registration is not met for the workshop. 

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